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WARNING - Your data may be at risk!

Chances are at some stage, you could be the victim of data loss.

Most people only think about backup after they experience data loss. Setting up data backup, recovery and retention policies is the only way to prevent disaster from happening and safeguard your business continuity. Additionally, governments have started imposing regulations to ensure safe data retention in businesses so as to protect public interest. Although your industry may not be affected at the moment, it is wise to do it earlier.
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Introducing the BackupGo Professional Backup Solution

Backup2Go is a comprehensive, secure, scalable professional backup service. Leveraging the latest software technologies, as well as our own server infrastructure, we cater for clients from personal users who want to back up their precious digital photos, to IT professionals looking to implement a manageable solution across their infrastructure.

The diagram below explains how Backup2Go works:


Using the easy to follow directions, installing and configuring the Backup2Go software to automatically backup your PC or server is a breeze. Advanced users will be impressed by the range of features and intuitive user interface.
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To prepare your data for transfer to our offsite backup server, the software compresses and encrypts the data using state-of-the-art 1024-bit RSA Encryption. Data can only be decrypted using the encryption key you set when installing the software.
Western Australia Northern Territory


The compressed and encrypted data is transferred over the Internet to our secure offsite backup server using a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (or SSL) connection. All data is stored in its encrypted and compressed state.
Queensland New South Wales Victoria Tasmania


Data from the offsite backup server is sent across to a replication server in another offsite location using 128-bit SSL encryption. In other words, your data is backed up safely to two separate offsite locations.
South Australia

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Did You Know?

data backup
file backup 1MB of data is worth approx. $11,2001,5
encrypted Re-building just 20MB of lost data could cost more than $19,000 and nearly three weeks to re-build2,5
scheduled A leaked record may cost you $200 to rectify3,5
scheduling Retrieval of data from a crashed hard drive can cost you a fortune, and there is NO GUARANTEE of success!1
encryption Your business data goes hand-in-hand with your business operations. The loss of such data, or even its temporary inaccessibility, may threaten your hard-earned competitive position.
ssl Companies without proactive backup and recovery policies are likely to be OUT OF BUSINESS within 2 years of a major disaster4.
secure data backup Loss of business data may ruin your company’s reputation, or may lead to expensive litigation.
online data backup Most importantly, it interrupts your business continuity.
1 -David M. Smith, PhD. "The importance of investing in that ounce of prevention.” The Cost of Lost Data. 2003.
2 -Recent study from Ontrack
3 -Data Breach Study,Oct. 2005 Ponemon Institute
4 -Study by the National Archives and Records Administration
5 -Currency converted from 1$USD to 1.11885$AUD Based on exchange rate on 11 Jan 2008.
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