Backup2Go comes in two different flavours:

Backup2Go Professional (or B2GoPRO for short) is feature-rich, provides additional support for backup of a variety of operating systems and corporate enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and many more.

Backup2Go Standard (or B2GoSTD for short) is a simplified version of Backup2Go Professional. Many of the enterprise features have been removed to deliver a more cost-effective product for our end users. B2GoSTD is the ideal solution for home users, small / medium businesses, or anyone using Windows or Mac for their desktop computing.

Feature Comparison - B2GoPRO vs B2GoSTD
Works with the following Operating Systems B2GoPRO B2GoSTD
      - Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
      - Redhat Linux - 6.0 or above
      - Mac OS X  - v10.2 or above
      - NetWare - 5.1 or above
      - UNIX - Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD
Key Software Compatibility Features B2GoPRO B2GoSTD
      - Photos (all popular picture formats)
      - Audio / Music Files (E.g. *.wav, *.mp3, *.mp4, *.aac + many more)
      - Video Files
      - All other Data / Configuration Files (not stored in Microsoft SQL Server)
      - Microsoft Office files - all types (E.g. Word documents, Excel workbooks, etc.)
      - Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express
      - Microsoft Exchange
      - Brick Level Mail Backup for Microsoft Exchange  Exchange Email Administrators everywhere will love this! You now have the ability to backup and restore individual emails, contacts, calendar items, notes, journal items and more without restoring a whole mailbox, without creating recovery storage groups and without following complicated and unreliable methods.
      - Microsoft SQL Server
      - Lotus Domino / Notes
      - Oracle
      - MySQL
      - In-File Delta (simple) Simple In-File Delta is applicable to the physical files to be uploaded to the Backup Server. Specifically, only the changed blocks in comparison to the original file on the Backup Server (delta file) will be uploaded.
      - In-File Delta (advanced) Advanced In-File Delta refers to the special agents for MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Lotus Notes and MySQL, which allows these applications to be backed up while they are online.
      - Volume Shadow Copy (Except Vista)
      - Backup Windows NTFS Access Permissions
      - Backup Mac OS X metadata and resource forks
      - Backup Linux access privileges and modes
Backup Sets B2GoPRO B2GoSTD
      - Create your own backup set
      - Create unlimited backup sets
Backup Schedule B2GoPRO B2GoSTD
      - Daily
      - Weekly
      - Monthly
      - Yearly
      - Multiple schedules
Encryption Methods B2GoPRO B2GoSTD
      - Configurable by end-user
      - TwoFish
      - Triple DES
      - AES
Retention Policy B2GoPRO B2GoSTD
      - Simple (by days)
      - Advanced (by weeks, months, quarters, years or by job)
Other Features B2GoPRO B2GoSTD
      - Run custom OS commands before / after a backup Job
      - Filter files by extensions
      - Filter files / folders by any user defined patterns
      - Logout reminder
      - Offline backup reminder
      - Local copy
      - Web restoration
      - Advertising banner space
      - Progress bar during backup

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